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ExusiaInc. CEO, Trevor Silver, Highlights the Role of Data Strategy in Accelerating Digital Transformation

Across the enterprise world, the concept of digital transformation has dominated the business discourse since the start of the new millennium, yet studies often reveal that the majority of organizations achieve moderate success at best inputting theory into practice. “Corporations no longer need to be told that data is one of their most valuable assets and a pillar of the digital transformation process,” says Trevor Silver, founder and CEO of leading analytics, data engineering, and cloud computing solutions provider Exusia.“However, too much attention was initially concentrated on collecting information, which created enormous challenges for the data engineers and analysts who had to sift through these vast deposits and extract value from them. With all the efforts expended to gather, manage, process, and monetize corporate data, it has become clear that the journey to successful digital transformation requires the support of a robust data strategy.”

As a company whose mission is to help enterprises thrive in a digitally-driven world by applying analytics and data engineering in an innovative way, Exusia has observed first-hand the struggles of some businesses to capitalize on new opportunities because of a haphazard approach to their digital transformation. Feeling pressured to take action, many corporate leaders approve initiatives that fail to take into consideration all aspects of their organizations, including infrastructure capabilities, long-term goals, and talent pool. “Without a solid data strategy in place, a company has little hope of creating a roadmap for its future as it will be unable to transform its data trove into a structured, domain-spanning asset fueling value generation,” Trevor Silver notes. “Data strategy is vital in charting the course of digital transformation since it allows enterprises to track key performance indicators, thus determining the success of their initiatives and taking corrective measures if necessary.”

According to Exusia, one mistake companies often make is viewing digital transformation as merely an offline-to-online transfer. That may have been enough in the early days of digital technologies, but it is now about adopting a holistic approach that goes far beyond having an online presence. The business organizations of today need a transformation that drives flexibility and efficiency, that allows them to evolve with the times, identify new opportunities, anticipate the needs of their customers, and consistently deliver value. “This is what digital transformation is about, and it cannot be achieved without an effective data strategy supporting the buildout of a modern digital infrastructure,” Trevor Silver comments. “Transforming a business into a data-driven enterprise will require clear answers to questions about the type of data collected, the way it is gathered, its storage, access to it, the people in charge, and future investments. These are issues critical for the success of corporate digitization, and data strategy enables addressing them promptly and efficiently.”

Founded in 2012 in New York City, Exusia is a leading global provider of technology solutions and operational guidance to companies in the healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, hospitality, entertainment, energy, and consumer products industries. Through promoting the innovative use of analytics and data engineering, Exusia helps its clients increase revenues, streamline cost structures, achieve regulatory compliance, and maximize returns on technology investments. In addition to its headquarters in Miami, the company also maintains offices in Europe (London, U.K.), Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa), and Asia (Pune India).

Trevor Silver, CEO of Exusia, Explores the Impact of Data Monetization on Corporate Growth:

Trevor Silver, CEO of Exusia, Examines the Increasingly Important Role of Data Engineering in Modern Enterprises:

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