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DTA Teams

Trevor Silver discussing Exusia progress with Exusia Pune Team Leads in 2019








Exusia Pune Team Photo with CEO Trevor Silver in 2019 in Pune Maharashtra India






Exusia Team working with Telecommunications Clients in Gurugram, India with Exusia Partner Srinivas Lanka






Exusia Hyderabad Team with CEO Trevor Silver and Partner Srinivas Lanka






Exusia South Africa Team in Johannesburg, South Africa working with Financial Clients






Exusia Gurugram Delhi Team with CEO Trevor Silver after a team lunch in Delhi, India







Exuisa Bangalore Team with Exusia CEO Trevor Silver in Exuisa offices on Outer Ring Road Bangalore, India






Exusia Pune Team working with Fortune 100 clients from India in 2020 in support of a historic mainframe to distributed systems conversion







Exusia India Private Limited Board meeting in Pune, Maharashtra India with Chairman Trevor Silver








Exusia Americas Team in Las Vegas, Nevada working with Casinos on Data Engineering Strategy & Architecture Efforts







Exusia Americas team with CEO Trevor Silver in Colorado Springs, CO working with strategic partners on an enterprise data assessment & strategy efforts








Exusia Pune, India Award Ceremony with Trevor Silver to present to the 2019 Award Winners